From happiness to joy

From happiness to joy

Feature photo by Gord Moss

by Michelle Martin

Laura Keating is a Crown Point singer-songwriter whom I have known for many years as my children’s piano teacher and mother of my son’s buddy, Ben. Interviewing her about her debut CD Let me Tell You, I got to know Laura Keating, folk-rock artist. We lost track of time talking about the challenges of parenting and working, love and loss, her musical family history, and her vision as an artist singing songs to Hamilton and beyond.

She started out in radio, writing advertising copy and “singing the odd jingle” for CFTJ in Cambridge (long since swallowed up by a larger network). From there it was on to advertising at Eaton’s—another long-gone establishment, we laughed—where she “loved the fact that it was a big team of writers, working on coming up with different themes, working with layout artists,” and even attending a Chanel launch with models, flashbulbs, and flowing champagne. Next it was on to less glamourous but similar work for Lansing Buildall, then staying home to raise four boys.

And where was the music in all of this? “I came from a musical family. All my brothers are professional musicians; it was always in front of me.” Her first instrument was a guitar.

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