A SoBi success story

A SoBi success story

by Thea Jones

March 20th, 2017, marked Hamilton Bike Share’s (SoBi Hamilton’s) second birthday. We celebrated our terrific twos with a Glowride and a bonfire at Beasley Park. Since launching in 2015 SoBi has increased its ridership to about 18,000 riders and changed the way Hamiltonians get around. While the initial launch captured priority neighbourhoods identified by the Neighbourhood Action Strategy, we have continued to work towards bike accessibility in all neighbourhoods within our service area. SoBi Hamilton’s current service area is bounded by Ottawa Street to the east, Dundas to the west, the harbour to the north, and the escarpment to the south.

This summer we celebrated the launch of the expanded Everyone Rides Initiative (ERI). The ERI is geared towards making the program more equitable by removing barriers to accessing bike share. That means we provide SoBi memberships to organizations and individuals in need at subsidized rates. We also provide education opportunities to all ERI riders, including workshops on how to ride. We have a robust newcomers program called New Communities that offers ERI programming and workshops in Arabic.

To receive a subsidized membership the rider must participate in a Bike Share Basics workshop.

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