We made a mistake

Every two months we pull together another issue of The Point and get it delivered to thousands of homes in Crown Point. One of the coolest aspects of putting together the newspaper is that we don’t have any production meetings. We do everything over the Internet using a combination of free and subscribed software. The by-lines on the stories and the photo credits and all of the production effort listed on the boilerplate represent many volunteer hours.

Sometimes in the process, we make mistakes. We made one such mistake with the current issue. The people who provide us with content deserve recognition and credit. Without them, we have no paper.

A photograph was submitted to the Business Profile for In Fine Feather Yoga, page 7, that was not credited.  The photographer was Jay Crews. The photo caption would have identified Helena McKinney who owns and operates In Fine Feather Yoga and who provided the answers in the Q and A format.

The missing photo credit and caption and any other omissions should have been caught and corrected during the proofreading process. It was not and The Point team regret the error.

Please learn about In Fine Feather Yoga and other people and businesses in our community.  The newspaper is available for download in PDF format: https://thepointhamilton.files.wordpress.com/2017/12/the-point-decjan-print.pdf


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