Photo courtesy of the TIFF Film Reference Library

by Brendan Oliver

Of all the people who have called Crown Point home, the most famous would surely be Mr. Brian Linehan. Through hard work and determination Brian became Canada’s most respected and distinguished celebrity interviewer.

Brian Richard Linehan was born at home on September 3, 1943 to parents Sadie (Kotur) and Les Linehan. Brian grew up on Gertrude and Northcote streets and attended Memorial and Lloyd George elementary schools.

His childhood was a turbulent one with family violence being the norm. Police were regularly called to the Linehan house which often led to the arrest of his father.

The Linehan children found relief from home by attending many of Hamilton’s great movie theatres. At the Avalon Theatre on Ottawa Street, Brian and his sister Carole would often sneak in through the back door to save a few cents on admission.

Brian attended Delta Secondary School where he found pleasure writing for The Omnia, the school newspaper. He also wrote for the Hamilton Spectator covering Hamilton’s high school scene. In the evenings he worked at Dingwall’s Hardware on Barton Street.

Brian’s most cherished teacher at Delta was Mr. Ed Hocura, a local entertainment critic for the Hamilton Spectator. Ed Hocura was the primary influence on Brian’s famous style of meticulous research.

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