POINT PEOPLE: Riley Campbell

POINT PEOPLE: Riley Campbell
Photo by Krystal Zugay

by Sean Hurley

For some kids, realizing a dream can be beyond expectations. Skateboarder and Crown Point resident Riley Campbell is determined to make his dream come true with some entrepreneurial spirit, the help of his mom, and the inspiration of his dog, Marley.

A skateboard enthusiast, 14-year-old Riley watched a documentary on professional skateboarder and living legend, Chris Cole. Motivation: The Chris Cole Story introduced Riley to Camp Woodward where kids from around the world learn skills about their sports from acro tumbling to snowboarding. There is a camp dedicated to skateboarding and it is expensive.

“The reason I want to go there is to go outside of my comfort zone and learn new tricks to better myself and help those around me. I feel this could really elevate my skills so I can become professional,” Riley explained by email. “My stepdad and mom spoke and decided to register me for camp this summer but we would have to come up with a way of raising some of the funds because it’s quite expensive.”

According to Riley the cost is $1,499US not including clothing, equipment, and other accessories.

Riley said he has “been skateboarding just over a year now consistently, with as much dedication as I have time to put into it”, and his sport has evolved into a “passion”. He approached his parents after Christmas about attending Camp Woodward and although they are supportive the cost is still a challenge.

To raise the money Riley is launching his own brand and logo. He said, “I want to earn my way there (Camp Woodward), I don’t believe in handouts. My parents have taught me to work for what I want.” Consequently, he is learning a whole bunch of additional new skills unrelated to skateboarding.

Together with his mom, Krystal Zugay, he created a company with a logo being sold on the t-shirts and hoodies. “My mom and I came up with the idea to make the t-shirts and so we brainstormed for a bit to come up with a logo. My mom said it should be something personal to me and we instantly thought of Black Dog, after my dog, Marley,” he said, adding, “I chose my dog Marley because she’s my best friend.”

Riley is selling his logo clothing on Etsy and he has rented a table to sell his items at Right On Target’s Night Market at Centre Mall. His ambitions with the logo go beyond funding his trip to Camp Woodward. “We decided to sell t-shirts because it’s a common piece of clothing worn in the skateboard community and I’d like to build my own brand during this process,” he explained.

To find our more visit the Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/blackdogskatebrand/ and check out the merchandise at https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/Blackdogskatebrand
Plus, visit Riley at the Night Market at Right on Target on Saturday, March 24th.

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