POINT PEOPLE: Hammerhead’s Scott Forbes

POINT PEOPLE: Hammerhead’s Scott Forbes

by Aha Blume

At first glance, Hammerhead’s—located almost across from Tim Hortons on Ottawa Street—may look like just another take out fish and chips place, but there is more to it than just the fish.

Owner, Scott Forbes, has created a menu that will appeal to those of us with simple tastes (just a piece of fish and some chips for me) and for those who like to try a wider variety of seafood dishes, as well.  The place is small, but it comes with a big, neighbourly heart. Scott is a Crown Point resident who lives on Rosslyn Avenue North with wife, Jennifer Causey, their son, Arlo, and a great dog, Nina. Hammerhead’s is his first restaurant, but for Scott,  “It was Ottawa Street or bust”, he said.

Fish and Chips
Take out fish and chips from Hammerhead’s with coleslaw, tartar sauce, and really good fries.

“I love the comradely support among the merchants and their staff, the adventurousness of the clients and the determination of the residents of Crown Point to see Ottawa Street do well,” he explained. “You will be given a chance on Ottawa Street.”

The local love, though, flows both ways. In renovating the restaurant Scott reached out through social media for painting and tiles. “Crown Point Community (Facebook Group) was invaluable when starting up,” he said. “When I needed to hire someone, it was all done through that group. They, in turn, have been great, supportive customers.”

Chatting with customers as he prepares orders, the place is busy and there are stools for your comfort while your meal is prepared.  It is worth the wait. Hammerhead’s sources fresh, sustainable options and “If a customer is actually interested, I can show them a photo of who caught their cod”.

“Traceability is a key value of Hammerhead’s. Along with freshness,” Scott said, adding, “I have no problem putting a fish under the customer’s nose.  Or sending back anything that is sub-par. We fill our deep fryers up with sunflower oil which is superior to canola. Our kitchen is a gluten-free facility.  At Hammerhead’s we like to say that taste is subjective, quality is a fact.”

Open only a few months, Hammerhead’s has already attracted many return customers to the restaurant so the subjective part speaks for itself; it is delicious.  Located across from the historic first-ever Tim Hortons, you can get your fish and chips, and then go get your coffee and donuts and take it all home to enjoy. There are benches outside that are just perfect for an added table and Scott said he would love to have his customers sit outside in the nice weather enjoying his food.

Scott is continually making plans including “a small, fresh seafood counter.” He promises the freshest selection of seafood in the city.

Be sure to visit Hammerhead’s On Ottawa, Tuesday through Saturday Noon – 7 p.m.

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